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Andy Frye interviews Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt first took the Olympics by storm in 2008 at the Summer Games in Beijing, China. That year, the Jamaican sprinter won gold medals in both the 100m and 200m sprint.

But the now-retired track phenom says that it wasn’t until a few “disappointing” performances in 2007 that he dug deep to find the motivation to improve.

In this July 2021 interview, Bolt talks about his metamorphosis from a pretty good sprinter to the best in the world.

Read the full interview here.

What’s next for Katie Ledecky?

Just before the New Year I got to speak with super Olympian swimmer Katie Ledecky. She talked about what’s next for her career as a swimmer. Yet, it’s not surprising that she’s gunning for more gold medals when the Tokyo Olympics take place, tentatively later this year.

In an interview with Andy Frye, Ledecky talked about her years of work that led up to two Olympic Games and her five gold medals. She also said that it’s her work regimen over years that puts her at the top level.

“It’s not just showing up every four years on a couple days. It’s literally every day within those four years, and all the years that lead up to that moment.”

But Katie also said that her ability to be coachable and “have a bad practice” and learn from it is what makes her so go.

Read the full interview here.

Anthony Davis talks about Lakers’ NBA Championship

Big man Anthony Davis hasn’t been a Los Angeles Lakers player for too long—just one season to be exact. But it didn’t stop him from forming a close bond with fellow Laker and NBA legend LeBron James.

Oh, and they won a championship together. Their win of the 2020 NBA Finals over the Miami Heat was the Lakers’ first in a decade and the first since the end of the Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant era.

AD says there were a lot of reasons that this last one was special. But he thinks his on-court synergy with LeBron is exactly what Lakers fans wanted to see.

“There were games where he had to pull me along, and ones where I’m pushing him and vice versa,” Davis said, in his interview with Andy Frye and Forbes. “I think it was a great fit for the both of us. He felt like he needed to win another one, and I thought I needed to win one—my first one—this year.”

In December 2020, AD re-signed with the Lakers on a five-year, $190 million contract that included an early termination option prior to the fifth season in 2024–25.

Read the full interview here.

Andy Frye interviews Shaq!

Read my October 2020 interview with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, at Forbes.

Andy Frye interviews golfer Justin Rose

Read my August 2020 interview with PGA Tour star Justin Rose, at Forbes.

Andy Frye interviews Scottie Pippen

Read my July 2020 interview with NBA legend Scottie Pippen, at Forbes.

Andy Frye interviews Greg Norman

Read my June 2020 interview with golf legend Greg Norman, at Forbes

Andy Frye interviews Megan Rapinoe

Read my May 2020 interview with USA soccer great Megan Rapinoe, at Forbes

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