Ep. 31: Tom Brady on what football’s taught him about business

February 18, 2022

You probably heard the big news that Tom Brady retired from pro football. The soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback played over two decades in the NFL and during that time claimed seven Super Bowl trophies—the most ever for any single starting player.

But Brady says that he’s been planning not just for retirement but also for his next gig all along.

“I started thinking about my second career quite a while ago. I realize I can’t play sports forever and at the same time, all of these lessons that I’ve learned in sports are really what I apply to other aspects of life,” Brady said during our late December interview, which posted in January to Forbes.

But Brady’s take on what makes people successful did not come without a little context—or without hat tips to others.

“I’ve been on multiple teams with the best coaches, players, and role models—guys I’ve looked up to for inspiration and determination. And I’ve learned you don’t accomplish anything as an individual,” Brady said.

New digs, new brand

Now if you thought that Brady would launch his apparel company called BRADY brand with the help of other super famous ex-Pats like Gronk, Julian Edelman or even Randy Moss, you’d be mistaken.

Instead, Brady’s apparel line features pictures of lesser-known faces. There are college athletes, and among the ten that are first on the roster are up-and-coming players such as Coastal Carolina University quarterback Grayson McCall, University of Michigan. quarterback Cade McNamara and University of Michigan tennis player Andrew Fenty.

Brady said that this approach to marketing and connecting with BRADY brand’s future audience is all about accessibility. But of course, fit and comfort are the biggest part of making a clothing line really work.

“I think about how things fit, the cut, the colors, and the coordination of colors, and also what worked for different parts of the season. It’s always been a part of my life.”

He adds that, in his opinion, a lot of times men may not know what goes best together, and that most often men want to look good and feel comfortable without having to think about it.

“As people, we are always on the move— at the office, then at the gym. Today, you work at home, you’re on Zoom calls, then you get up and take the dog out, you come home and get right back to work. We wanted to make sure this brand could fit into all aspects of life. That was the root of where we began.”

Listen to Episode 31 of Andy Frye’s Sports Podcast to hear Brady in his own words.

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