Ep. 10: Eric Dickerson, NFL Legend

March 16, 2021

Q&A with Eric Dickerson on Spotify

Eric Dickerson was one of the 1980’s most transformational NFL players. As a running back with searing pace, he broke records as a rookie with the L.A. Rams and throughout his career en route to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Now, a conversation with the great No. 29.

Running back extraordinaire

Known for his blistering speed, unorthodox running style, and for wearing a few extra pads, Eric Dickerson blazed onto the pro football scene in 1883, after a standout run in college at SMU.

During his rookie season in 1983, Dickerson led in rushing yardage and also broke the longstanding rookie rushing record, previously set by O.J. Simpson. The following year Dickerson also led rushing, and during his tenure with the Los Angeles Rams he helped take the team to the playoffs each year.

Calling it like it is

It’s hard to see it now, but when Dickerson was smashing records and dominating the run, the NFL was a much different place, where even the best of the best players had less influence. While star QBs sometimes made $1 million, Dickerson, who would lead the league in rushing four times and go on to the Hall of Fame, only made $275,000, until he left L.A. and signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

Thereafter, Dickerson made it a mission to make sure top players got paid what they were really with to NFL teams.

“My dad always told me, sometimes the truth is not popular—but it’s the truth,” Dickerson said in this interview.

Dickerson, also an NFL analyst for FOX and a sports radio host, tells it how it is about football and other topics in this interview.

Did the Rams got it right with their quarterback picks? What it’s like to play for a good team—and for a dysfunctional NFL franchise? Dickerson also talks about who his influences were, and what it was like to meet his hero, Muhammad Ali.

Andy Frye speaks with one of the greatest players ever to play the game, in Episode 10.

An Interview with Eric Dickerson, on Spotify


Eric Dickerson

  • 3:00 Were running backs better in the '80s?
  • 5:30 Shaking off defenders and his "God given gift"
  • 8:40 "Laughable"—when superstar players were underpaid
  • 12:10 1980s Rams a close team, Colts "like a job you hate"
  • 16:10 Talking football as a FOX analyst and Rams radio host
  • 19:30 Meeting Muhammad Ali
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