Ep. 12: Lindsay Brewer, race car driver

April 19, 2021

Q&A with Lindsay Brewer on Spotify

Lindsay Brewer is a 23-year-old race car driver, touted by some as “the future of IndyCar.” She’s gearing up for 2021’s TC America racing series.

Brewer is also one of few women driving in a very male-dominated sport, but says she’s fueled purely by her love of racing.

Go-karts to the road course

Lindsay Brewer got into her first go-kart at age 11 at a friend’s birthday party. Before the end of that day, she’d convinced her parents to pony up for her own mini racer—so she could start competing.

“I grew up snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and that made me want to see how fast I could go,” says the Colorado native. Now she’s living in Southern California, but you’re just as likely to see her at Sonoma Raceway or Circuit of the Americas, where she trains with the Skip Barber team, Danica Patrick’s mentor.

Celebrity driver?

During college, Brewer says, she took some time off of racing. Everyday photos of her and friends hanging out gained interest and built her social media following exponentially.

“It was just a lot of pictures of me and my friends at the beach, being in college,” Brewer told me, during our interview. “(But) I raced long before I was considered an “Instagram model.”

After amassing millions of followers on social media, social agency Clubhouse took notice, and eventually signed on as one of her key racing sponsors. Instagram model or not, Brewer says that she is focused on racing and committed to her craft.

“It’s kind of cool when people underestimate you,” Brewer adds. “Because you can show them what’s up.”

Andy Frye speaks with Lindsay Brewer, in Episode 12. You can read the interview on Forbes here.


Lindsay Brewer

  • 1:30 Brewer on going from go-karts to competing
  • 5:00 Talking sponsors and racing's entrepreneurial hustle
  • 7:15 Not just an "Instagram model"
  • 8:45 Women in racing, being "taken seriously"
  • 10:30 Lindsay Brewer talks driving style, skills
  • 14:15 Brewer's influences: Lewis Hamilton, Danica, others
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