Ep. 23: A quick chat with Alex Morgan

October 12, 2021

Alex Morgan is nothing less than a legend in the game of soccer. Anyone who’s ever watched her play sees a player with incredibly quick reflexes, plus speed and power. She’s also known for her creative, opportunistic style of play.

It’s why Morgan has been so pivotal for the U.S. Women’s National soccer team. The 32-years-old forward has scored over 110 goals for the USWNT, since joining the first team in 2010.

She’s also a two-time World Cup winner, and played an important role in both the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments. Outside her role for the USWNT, Morgan played in England for Tottenham Hotspur FC, based in north London, and is now back stateside as a member of the Orlando Pride in the NWSL.

A passion for growing girls soccer

Morgan says that one of the most important thing to keep US Soccer relevant and successful on the world stage is to get girls playing.

“Ages 8 to 14 is where you see a drop-out of girls in sports. Whether it’s societal pressures or not feeling as supported in sports as boys might be, I still think it’s important to encourage girls to stay in sports—especially if they love it and if they are having fun.”

Morgan also thinks that too often soccer is regarded as a game enjoyed and played by wealthier communities in America.

So in order to expand soccer’s reach and popularity, Morgan has teamed up with plant-based snack maker GoGo squeeZ on an effort called Fun Comes First.

Fun Comes First aims to educate coaches, teachers and parents on ways to keep kids engaged and participating in sports.

Alex Morgan with USWNT teammates Kelley O’Hara (l) and Allie Long, after beating the Netherlands in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, July 7, 2019.

As part the program, GoGo squeeZ and a nonprofit foundation called Laureus Sport for Good USA have published a free resource called the Fun Comes First Playbook that offers tips, case studies and expert recommendations on ways to foster positive youth sports.

The playbook is set to come out in mid-October and will be available for download from GoGo squeeZ’s website. There’s a documentary short starring Morgan and her dad, in which the two share memories from her experience growing up in soccer.

Alex Morgan: Soccer and parenting legend

Shortly after the 2019 World Cup win, Morgan announced that she and her husband, soccer player Servando Carrasco, were expecting a child. Their daughter Charlie was born last May.

“Being a parent to a little girl definitely gives me a greater appreciation for my own parents,” Morgan said. “It’s been a completely new chapter in my life.”

While Charlie is a little too young to take up team sports yet, she can often been see tagging along to USWNT training camp with mommy,  

In Episode 23 of the podcast, I have a quick conversation with Alex Morgan in which she also talks about her playing style and mindset on the field, as well as where she thinks soccer is going in America.

Morgan also talks about parenthood and how it has influenced her efforts off the field.

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