Ep. 26: Dwyane Wade talks memoir book ‘Dwyane’

November 17, 2021

NBA legend and two-time author Dwyane Wade released his photographic memoir November 16, 2021. In the new 306-page book simply titled “Dwyane” the longtime Miami Heat from Chicago talks about his love for basketball as well as career highs and what he’s learned playing the game.

During a very quick but substantive interview a week before the book’s release, Wade talked about the momentum behind “Dwyane” and just what kind of book it is.

“It is a cool coffee table book, and my way to just wrap up my career, with memories about the game I love and the people in it.” Wade adds that in conceptualizing the book for Harper Collins, he worked with notable NBA photographer Bob Metelus, who he says help select key photos and shot most of the images used in the book.

“I’ve kind of had (Metelus) track me over my career. I wanted to tell my own story about basketball, and for fans who know and follow me, to give them a closer up glimpse of the player that they see.”

Part of what propelled Wade to such as successful career was his passion for the game. He said it all started when his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, won their first NBA title. He was 9 years old at the time.

“I remember vividly when the Chicago Bulls won (the 1990-91 NBA Finals), hearing the noise outside, the joy of my family, and the way that that championship brought my community together.”

“I remember being a little kid at home with my family, sitting on the floor, watching, believe it or not, on a black and white TV.”

Wade also says that from then on he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Basketball was it.

In our interview from November 10, 2021, Wade also talks about how playing with Chris Bosh and LeBron James and bringing home two more NBA Championships for the Miami Heat was not only special. In talking about the Wade-Bosh-LeBron phenom trio, Wade explains, however, that it took a lot of commitment and patience to build their synergy.

We also talked about the time Miami Heat super fan Jimmy Buffett got thrown out of a contentious Knicks vs. Heat home game.

You can read the full interview with Dwyane Wade at Forbes here.

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