Ep. 4: David Feherty & The US Open

September 10, 2020

Listen here: David Feherty & The US Open on Spotify

If you follow golf you know who David Feherty is. The host of the Golf Channel’s long-running hit TV show Feherty is doing his first US Open in the broadcast booth.

28 Minutes host Andy Frye was lucky enough to snag an interview with Feherty before he completed his broadcast Grand Slam at Winged Foot, September 17.

US Open calling

He says he doesn’t have fond memories of playing the US Open, but as golf’s favorite commentator, David Feherty is looking forward to calling the play-by-play at Winged Foot this year.

It will also complete Feherty’s “Grand Slam” or calling all four The Majors in golf. He calls the opportunity to broadcast the US Open like “opening a present.”

That Feherty sense of humor

When asked about his conversational style and his uncanny sense of humor, David Feherty says he thinks he gets it from his mom, from growing up in Northern Ireland, where “you need a sense of humor to survive'” and also from his school days.

Who will win the 2020 US Open?

Feherty says he can’t predict everything but predicts a difficult course with “diabolical” roughs and a lot of players whining. But he did mention one player he thinks might surprise us at Winged Foot.

Episode 4: David Feherty & The US Open on Spotify

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