Ep. 6: Why Fantasy Football?

October 29, 2020

Listen here: ‘Fantasy Football’ on Spotify

Hear NFL greats Brian Urlacher, Jerome Bettis and Richard Sherman talk about how Fantasy Football has become such a huge off-field pursuit.

WinDaily Sports CEO Jason Mezrahi talks about Fantasy nuts and bolts, and that it’s about more than just following teams and players. Ed Moed of HPL Digital Sports explains where the industry is going.

Another way to play, or a sports business?

Win Daily Sports CEO Jason Mezrahi explains that for a lot of football enthusiasts Fantasy Football is a way to keep in contact with friends. For others, he says, it’s a way to be involved in the business of sports and make a lot more money than you would if you worked in the mailroom of an NFL team or sports marketing firm.

Meanwhile, Ed Moed of HPL Digital Sport says says that the current COVID-19 lock-in has changed fan behavior and fantasy sports just as much as it has altered the NFL game schedule. He also explains that while football is #1 among sports, there is a huge appetite for other avenues from golf and women’s sports to Russian ping pong.

Are NFL greats smarter than you?

Jerome Bettis (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Brian Urlacher (Chicago Bears) had long, successful careers that got them into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But both explain success on the field doesnt necessarily shake out to fantasy greatness.

Longtime NFL cornerback and “King of Trash Talk” Richard Sherman (Seahawks, 49ers) says that fantasy football has unleashed a new level of dedication and passion within football fans.

Episode 6: Urlacher, Bettis and Sherman talk ‘Fantasy’ on Spotify

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