Ep. 8: NFL Agent Savannah Foster

January 20, 2021

Q&A with Savannah Foster on Spotify

Savannah Foster’s first job at Athletes First was a receptionist role, but now she’s an NFL Player’s Agent who negotiates football player contracts and endorsement deals.

Just ahead of the NFL conference championships, I spoke with Foster about life as an agent, and how she sees football and the NFL evolving.

Gaining “a ton of momentum”

Her firm, Athletes First, represents a number of well-known names including Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson, as well as coaches such as Chip Kelly and Matt Nagy.

Foster joined Athletes First while in law school, and says she learned much about the business of professional football through “osmosis,” before becoming an NFL-certified players agent.

Foster also thinks that women are gaining a ton of momentum in football. Each week, millions of football fans get the latest analysis from women like Rachel Nichols, Laura Rutledge and Wendy Nix. Women are coaching and officiating in the NFL. And a dozen female agents had players go first round in last year’s NFL Draft.

Savannah Foster shares more about her role and how women are trailblazing within the nation’s most popular sport.

Episode 8: NFL Agent Savannah Foster, on Spotify

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