Ep. 3: World Cup Women

August 27, 2020

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The 2019 USA World Cup team was the stuff of dreams. But did they get championship level props?

In this episode, listeners hear from soccer legends Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain as well as firebrand Golden Boot winner Megan Rapinoe. Sportswriter/author JulieDiCaro talks about the equal pay issue in sports and roller derby legend Bonnie Thunders elaborates on USWNT’s players and why they are relatable. 

Brandi Chastain on ’99, winning shot

Thanks to the penalty shot that won the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Brandi Chastain became an international celebrity. But on that day of the final versus China in July 1999, she didn’t foresee it coming down to one kick.

USA soccer legend Mia Hamm

She may be reserved and a little soft spoken, but Mia Hamm has spoken loudly with her goal scoring and dominant play for the United States. 

She also spoke about the USWNT’s outspoken nature on social justice issues and equal pay for women. But Hamm credits the current team for carrying on the conversation: 

This team and its players have done a tremendous job addressing the pay gap as an issue. Alex and Megan have kept up the conversation, not only education and women coming together to close the gender pay gap, but how to do it.

~Mia Hamm, on the 2019 USWNT, speaking in June 2019

Julie DiCaro, Bonnie Thunders talk USWNT’s footprint 

Sportswriter, radio host and author Julie DiCaro spoke in detail about the USWNT’s huge contributions to US Soccer, and the unequal playing field they’re often on. Fellow soccer enthusiast and USA roller derby legend Bonnie Thunders talked about the players who are heroes but also relatable everyday people.

Megan Rapinoe speaks

The 2019 World Cup’s Golden Ball and Golden Boot winner, Megan Rapinoe spoke with Andy Frye this spring, and on the 28 Minutes podcast she talks about chemistry and “special sauce” that make Team USA so good.

Episode 3: USWNT Respect on Spotify

Show Notes

  • 2:55 Brandi Chastain on "the shot" in '99, and the 2019 squad
  • 9:00 Roller derby legend Bonnie Thunders on USWNT
  • 15:00 Mia Hamm talks chemistry
  • 16: 48 Mia Hamm: Who was better 1999 or 2019?
  • 21:15 Sportswriter and author Julie DiCaro talks equal pay
  • 25:15 Megan Rapinoe talks USWNT culture
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